Playable Grand Theft Auto on Netflix? Just ‘Rumors,’ Says Streaming Giant

Netflix is making moves beyond film and television streaming into video games, and a report from the Wall Street Journal this week suggests that the streaming giant has begun talks to license a Grand Theft Auto game from its publisher, Take Two Interactive. 

But according to Netflix, a Grand Theft Auto game on Netflix is little more than “rumors” and “speculation” at this point, a representative told Decrypt. The streaming giant declined to comment further on the matter.

This year, anticipation around the Grand Theft Auto 6 game in development has left fans to speculate on the game’s protagonists, setting, and whether it could contain any references to crypto. While the crypto claims are unsubstantiated rumors, leaks have revealed some details about the game’s early development plans, like that GTA 6 will likely be set in the Miami-inspired Vice City, for instance.

Meanwhile, Netflix has continued its push into the gaming space, releasing over 70 playable titles for both mobile devices and TVs. While some of its games are downloadable apps for Netflix subscribers, others can be streamed from a TV or computer. Netflix has also released a simple gaming controller app for iOS users, allowing gamers to use their smartphone as a touchscreen controller. 

Netflix previously confirmed to Decrypt in August that it doesn’t have any plans to develop its own proprietary game controller, so that its users don’t have to purchase hardware to enjoy the streamer’s games.

Beyond gaming, Netflix is also betting big on the use of artificial intelligence to enhance its business. This summer, the firm shared that it was hiring for multiple AI-related roles in its research and development and machine learning departments. It also announced its “Magenta Green Screen,” a new type of background replacement technology for the film industry that allows production teams to add AI-generated backgrounds to shots in real time.

Netflix has also announced plans to open physical shops where fans can do things like buy merch or try food inspired by their favorite Netflix show, the streamer’s VP of Consumer Products Josh Simon told Bloomberg in an interview. The permanent shops, dubbed “Netflix Houses,” are slated to begin opening in the U.S. in 2025.

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