Binance innovates futures trading with the introduction of Copy Trading


  • Binance introduces a groundbreaking Copy Trading feature for its futures products, offering users the ability to mirror the strategies of seasoned traders.
  • The platform provides two modes for copy trading – “fixed amount” and “fixed ratio,” catering to different investment preferences and risk tolerances.

Binance, a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled a pioneering feature in select markets, specifically tailored for its futures products – Copy Trading. This groundbreaking initiative enables users to meticulously observe and emulate the trading strategies and portfolios of seasoned traders. The move not only fosters an interactive and educational environment within the trading community but also provides a platform for novice traders to learn and engage with experienced ones, thereby enhancing their trading skills and knowledge.

The introduction of Copy Trading is seen as a strategic move by Binance to cater to the burgeoning demand from new users who are keen to learn from and interact with veteran traders. It also provides an avenue for experienced traders to share, and potentially monetize, their expertise by allowing others to mirror their trades and strategies.

Binance two modes offering investment

Binance’s Copy Trading introduces two distinct modes designed to accommodate users’ preferences and risk tolerance, thereby offering flexible investment management options. The first mode, known as the “fixed amount” mode, allows copy traders to allocate a specific amount they wish to utilize for copying trades. This model provides a straightforward approach for traders who prefer to have a fixed investment amount in their copy trading activities.

On the other hand, the “fixed ratio” mode enables traders to adhere to the strategies of lead traders in accordance with their account balance, providing a flexible approach to managing their investments. This mode is particularly beneficial for traders who prefer their investment to be proportionate to their existing account balance, thereby managing their risk in alignment with their overall account health.

Rachel Conlan, Chief Marketing Officer at Binance, emphasized that the company’s mission is centered around enhancing financial access and aiding users in exerting more profound control over their finances. Thus, the introduction of this initiative is a response to the growing demand from new users who aspire to learn from and engage with seasoned traders.

Incentivizing knowledge sharing among the trading community

While sharing their strategies and techniques on Binance Feed, lead traders can earn a 10 percent profit share and receive a 10% trading commission rebate from copy traders who mirror their trades. This feature not only facilitates knowledge sharing but also provides a financial incentive for experienced traders to share their expertise with the community.

Copy traders have the option to follow up to 10 lead traders simultaneously, accessing vital information about their portfolios, such as returns over various time frames, profit and loss records, maximum drawdown, and assets under management. This transparency ensures that copy traders are well-informed and can make educated decisions about whom to follow.

In a bid to ensure compliance and adherence to regulatory norms, Binance withdrew its futures and options and leveraged token services for Australian customers in 2021, responding to the increasing regulatory pressures in the region. The exchange also paused the initiation of new accounts for trading options, margin products, and leveraged tokens in Australia, showcasing its commitment to compliance and regulatory adherence.


In a strategic move to bridge the gap between novice and experienced traders, Binance has introduced a revolutionary Copy Trading feature, marking a significant milestone in the realm of cryptocurrency trading. By offering two distinct modes, the platform ensures that traders have the flexibility to manage their investments according to their preferences and risk tolerance.

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